Serv-e-Go: Convenient and simple after-sales service, remotely

Remote Diagnostics

  • Diagnose motorized shade issues from anywhere, anytime.

Real-Time Adjustment

  • Make immediate parameter adjustments remotely to resolve issues.

Guided Troubleshooting

  • Step-by-step guidance for efficient issue resolution.

Prepare for On-Site Visits

  • Equip installers with insights before on-site service visits.



Simplify Post-Sales Support with Cutting-Edge Remote Diagnostics


Serv-e-Go is a revolutionary web application designed for dealers to enhance their after-sales support
for Zigbee motorized shading smart home systems powered by Somfy.


Say goodbye to cumbersome on-site visits and hello to seamless remote diagnostics and real-time support.


Serv-e-Go Key Features & Capabilities


Diagnose with precision

With Serv-e-Go, you gain remote visibility into installed TaHoma switch hubs, customer profiles, device statuses, alerts, and more. Pinpoint issues swiftly and accurately without the need to travel to the customer’s home.

Streamlined support

Modify settings and deliver corrective guidance to end users promptly, all from the comfort of your desk. Serv-e-Go empowers you to resolve issues efficiently, eliminating the hassle of unnecessary site visits and ensuring that your customers experience seamless functionality and convenience with their motorized shades.

Go equipped for success

Equip yourself with comprehensive insights, product knowledge, and the right tools for the job. Serv-e-Go ensures your site visits are productive and purposeful, maximizing efficiency every step of the way.
How does Serv-e-Go work?
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