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It's easier than ever to set & configure motorized blinds & shades from Somfy’s Zigbee ecosystem

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TaHoma® pro streamlines the entire motor setting process from start to finish.

Simple Connection

One-to-one connection with no crosstalk slowing down a production line.

No Training Needed

Intuitive, step-by-step process to configure motor settings and set end limits.

At Your Fingertips

Configure motors entirely within the app. No need for external setup documentation.
“Oh, that’s easy!”

“Oh, that’s easy!”

There’s no need for an internet connection. Every step in the motor configuration process is done via Bluetooth with the app.

Keeping it simple keeps you in motion.


Welcome to fast and easy setup in any client’s home, with or without a hub.

Programming with TaHoma® switch

Programming with TaHoma® switch

This option includes the TaHoma® switch as a centralized controller. Your clients will have access to features like app control, voice control, third party smart home integrations and automatic updates.

Configuring and adjusting motor limits has never been easier (no more ladders!). Get your customers up and running faster than ever before when you use the TaHoma® pro app.

Get your team prepared!

DOWNLOAD: TaHoma® pro Account Setup & Management for Dealers

Programming Standalone Solution

Programming Standalone Solution

The Standalone Solution is suitable for all types of applications, whether there is a hub or not.

The TaHoma® pro app makes it simpler than ever to configure a client’s network. Simply connect to the motor and pair it with a remote.

More options mean more ways to sell, install, and create satisfied customers.

Get your team prepared!

DOWNLOAD: TaHoma® pro Account Setup & Management for Dealers

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