TaHomA®, Somfy's new total home automation solution, can only be sold by authorized dealers who have completed the TaHomA Authorized Dealer Training Program.  This ensures TaHomA is only sold and installed by experts in all aspects of installing, programming, and servicing the system. A wide range of marketing tools including product brochures, point of sale and showroom materials, consumer literature and customized support services is available to dealers upon completion of the program. This training program is constantly expanding Somfy's dealer base, increasing TaHomA's availability throughout the United States and Canada. 
Interested in becoming a TaHomA Authorized Dealer? Read more about the program here. For more information about the TaHomA system including an interactive online demonstration, click here.

The TaHomA® Dealer Support site is only available to dealers who have completed the TaHomA Authorized Dealer Training Program. This comprehensive TaHomA technical support website includes:

  • Device wiring diagrams
  • System programming instructions
  • Online Help Desk
  • Installer downloads

Click here to access TaHomA Dealer Support 


The TaHomA® app suite lets users take control of their home's "energy triangle" on the go. The apps utilize intuitive graphics that allow users to easily make adjustments to the devices that make up their TaHomA system, such as Somfy-powered motorized shades, blinds, draperies, awnings, rolling shutters, and projection screens; lights; and thermostats. 
With the TaHomA HD iPad app, users can make adjustments to their home's lighting, thermostat and Somfy-powered motorized products as well as create new Scenes and Schedules. The TaHomA iPad app is divided into three sections which are easily accessible via menu bar across the bottom of the screen: LiveView Dashboard, Scene Configurator, and Schedule Configurator. At only $29.99, this app gives users complete control of their TaHomA system by offering the same robust functionality as the existing web-based TaHomA interface. 
Somfy's TaHomA iPhone and iPod Touch app gives users quick access to all the devices and existing Scenes in their TaHomA system. Users can also create new Schedules to automatically activate Scenes according to time of day, day of the week, range of dates, or sunrise and sunset times. This app costs only $4.99 and is available for download from iTunes.