Interfaces and Controls for Motorized Window Coverings

Z-Wave(R) is an interoperable, 2-way RF mesh networking technology use for both residential and light commercial automation applications. Z-Wave systems include lighting, home access control, household appliances, and more. All Z-Wave enabled devices (or nodes) in a system form a mesh network, allowing commands to "hop" from one node to the next, ensuring commands are received regardless of obstacles or distance.

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The NEW Z-Wave to Radio Technology Somfy Interface (ZRTSI): Cat. No. 1811265

Z-Wave to RTS Interface #1811265

  • Totally redesigned for simplified integration of Somfy-powered RTS motorized products into Z-Wave-based automation systems, including TaHomA
  • LCD screen with programming prompts
  • Intuitive menu-driven programming 
  • Supports up to 16 channels of RTS motorized products
  • Replaces the original ZRTSI (#1870202)










Z-Wave® to Radio Technology Somfy® Interface (ZRTSI): Cat. No. 1870202 - DISCONTINUED

  • Translates Z-Wave commands from Z-Wave based home automation systems to Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) commands.
  • 16 channels for up to 16 individual RTS motorized products or 16 groups of RTS motorized products.
  • Also compatible with TaHomA®.

Z-Wave® Digital Motor Interface (ZDMI): Cat. No. 1870171

  • Translates Z-Wave commands from Z-Wave based home automation systems for Somfy's line of digital motors.
  • Digital motors provide 2-way communication with real-time motor position status
  • In TaHomA, users can click and drag for precise control — any position between fully open and fully closed.

Glydea™ Z-Wave® Plug-In Module: Cat. No. 1870228

  • Provides embedded Z-Wave control for Somfy's line of Glydea™ 25 and 60e drapery motors.
  • Attaches discreetly to the bottom of the motor for seamless compatibility with a range of Z-Wave automation systems.

TaHomA® — Total Home Automation System

  • Professionally installed home automation solution that lets consumers easily and efficiently control their Somfy-powered motorized products, lights and thermostats for convenient whole home control and improved energy efficiency.
  • Web-based interface is intuitive and easy to use: create Scenes by selecting multiple devices (window coverings, lights, thermostats) and choosing preferred settings. Create Schedules to automatically activate Scenes based on time of day, day of the week, range of dates, or even sunrise and sunset times for your exact location.
  • TaHomA uses Z-Wave® technology to communicate wirelessly with light switches/dimmers, plug-in modules, thermostats, motion sensors and interfaces for Somfy motorized products.
  • Somfy powered motorized products are integrated into TaHomA® using Somfy's interface devices (the Z-Wave® to RTS Interface [ZRTSI] or Z-Wave® to Digital Motor Interface [ZDMI] respectively).
  • Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS): Somfy's proprietary wireless radio technology embedded in millions of motorized window coverings around the world.
  • TaHomA HD iPad® App costs $29.99 and the TaHomA iPhone® and iPod® Touch app is $4.99 and both are available for download from iTunes.
  • Interested dealers must complete the TaHomA Authorized Dealer training program. For more information, contact
  • Systems can be purchased from TaHomA Authorized Dealers through the US and Canada — visit for more information.